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Postage calculator

How to calculate speed postage calculator?

  • Speed post parcel price depends upon the what kind of item, weight and size and packaging.Minimum Speed post charge is Rs 25 in local weight to Grams.
  • For International Speed post charges calculation visit: price calculator page .
  • Enter the weight of Shipment in grams and select destination country.

Ex: I want to send to iPhone 6s plus to the USA, It weighs around 100 grams may be, Then calculated price will be

Total Rate in INR for Document Postage 585.00 Service Tax 81.90 Total Rate 667.00
Total Rate in INR for Merchandise
Service Tax81.90
Total Rate667.00

SO if anyone from the USA sends iPhone to you it may cost around 1000 rupees I guess. Apple iPhone cost there for 16GB $200  but in India 60,000. when 200 dollars converted to Indian rupee it costs only 200*60-70=12,000 -14,000 only. for track speed post here.

FOR Domestic postage calculation within India

here price based on Distance and weight.thre are 5 distance slabs Available

  1. Local
  2. Up to 200KM
  3. 201 -1000 KM
  4. 1001 to  2000KM
  5. 2001 Km and above

Note: there are additional charges(10 Rupees) for requesting to show Proof Of id by the receiver For ex: 100 grams item cost in Local

Total Rate in INR
Proof of Delivery (POD)10.00
Service Tax7.00
Total Rate57.00

Up to 200 KM

Total Rate in INR
Proof of Delivery (POD)10.00
Service Tax6.30
Total Rate51.00


Total Rate in INR
Proof of Delivery (POD)10.00
Service Tax7.00
Total Rate57.00


Total Rate in INR
Proof of Delivery (POD)10.00
Service Tax9.80
Total Rate80.00

2001 & above

Total Rate in INR
Proof of Delivery (POD)10.00
Service Tax11.20
Total Rate91.00

Given below are the revised Speed Post rates effective 1st October 2012

Weight Local Upto 200 Km. 201 to 1000 Km. 1001 to 2000 Km. Above 2000 Km.
Up to 50 grams INR  15 INR  35   35 INR  35 INR  35
51 grams to 200 grams   25  35   40  60   70
201 grams to 500 grams   30  50   60  80  90
Additional 500 grams or part thereof   10   15 30 40  50

The above tariff will be exclusive of taxes. The taxes will have to be paid extra as notified by the Central Government from time to time. track speed post here

Domestic postage calculator –

within India only between states and cities like Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata, Chennai, Hyderabad, Bangalore

International postage Calculator –

Outside of India between countries like USA, UK, Canada