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If you have sent any courier through Speed post-Courier Service by India Post and want to know that it is delivery at the destination in time or not then there is a Speed post Courier tracking system. In this, you have to enter the tracking number assigned to you at the of booking. Visit the below site and track your courier and stoppage details. 

The tracking code is given on the top of the receipt you have received at the time of booking your parcel which is something like EE123456789IN and of 13 digits.

The tracking system is updated periodically to provide you with the most current information available about the location and status of your item. You’ll be able to find out the following:

When your item was booked, dispatched and received at various locations during its Journey, delivered and Intimation Notice was issued to notify the recipient that the item is available for delivery.

Track speed post status for passport

enter your shipment number for passport and click on track passport delivery status.


How to track speed post delivery and also registered post?

India post registered post tracking,

  1. visit the Indiapost gov in page located on our website mentioned below.
  2. Enter your speed post number or registered post number to track your delivery status,
  3. here you may skip verification code for tracking speed post status but in official Indian post  tracking service you have to enter the human verification code to track your registered or speed post status.

what are speed post status message codes?

  • Article/courier dispatched from post Office,
  • in transit may indicate location your parcel.
  • finally, reports delivery status as ” speed / registered post delivered”

EMS speed post status enquiry for pan card

Mostly pan card now delivering blue dart courier, blue dart courier indicates only two options. courier at blue dart office and consignee received. sometimes consignee out of the area if you are not in the home. you may call them and ask to come again or you can collect directly.

Click here to track India post registered post 

 Track Speed post here


Speed Post Tracking

The India Post is one of the biggest postal networks in Indian along with much more 1.5 lakh post offices in all over the India.  In current years, most of the fresh creative were undertaken in to enhance the performance of the organisation. The steps are being taken to the computerised every function like speed post tracking status.  One of the great instance of it is a technological improvement is India Post Track features.  If you have sent any kind of courier through the speed post courier service through India Post as well as you need to recognise whether its delivery at the exact destination on correct time or else not then there is a speed post courier tracking system. In this, you need to enter the tracking respective number which is assigned to you at the booking.

How to track the speed post delivery & registered post

  • The India post registered post tracking is, you have to follow the below upcoming steps to do it successfully.
  • Go to the official website page link of Indiapost gov
  • After you visit, then you need to need your speed post number or else registered post number in order to track your delivery status.
  • In the official website web page of Indian post tracking service, you need to enter the human verifications code in order to track your registered otherwise speed post status.

What is Speed Post Status Message Codes?

  • Courier dispatched from the post Office
  • In transit may point out position your parcel
  • Finally statements delivery status as” speed / registered post delivered

Online Speed Post Tracking:

  • If you are comforted with online speed post tracking then you can go ahead with the following things
  • Initially, visit the website link
  • Now, enter the 13 digit number
  • Then, tap on track icon.
  • After that, the present status of your delivery can be seen on the screen.

 Speed post tracking Track via SMS

  • You can also easily track your courier through SMS. For this method, you need to send an SMS to 55352 in the following method,
  • Type SP or else EMS <space> speed post number
  • Now, type EE123456789IN and of entire 13 digits alphanumeric number
  • SP Speed Post number or
  • EMS Speed Post number


Speed Post & Registered post delivery time

Here are the speed post delivery durations exactly applicable only on the business working days. If there is any holiday such as festivals as well as weekends are expelled from this. The speed post working hours commonly speed post working hours are around the clock at major branches

Speed Post Delivery Time in days

  • The speed post delivery period in local as well as among metro cities takes 2 days to delivery
  • The Speed Post Time in remaining place of India takes around four to size business working days.
  • The speed post destination period in the internal Ems takes four to ten working days.

EMS Post Tracking Process

EMS is a high-speed international mail service mainly used for sending maximum 30 kg of documentations as well as some other goods easily and conveniently to over 120 countries as well as territories universal. If you use this EMS post service, then you will be able to get several numbers of advantages such as security, economical, speedy and convenient.

  • Security

Tracking services for confirming the where regarding the packages, along with an entire loss as well as damage insurance network.

  • Well-situated

In addition, free labeling service as well as pick up the service for even simply one packages

  • Economical

The cost is mainly based on the weight as well as location of the package

  • Speedy

The priority is delivery and the delivery day compensations service accessible only for certain regions.

In order to track your EMS things, you need to enter your 13 digits respective entity number for example EZ 123456789XX which is offered to every EMS entity.  Moreover, the multiple EMS items tracking are also available. If you are not familiar with the EMS item number, then you can get this number from the sender.

Speed Post | EMS | Registered post Charges

Prior estimating the speed post charges it is necessary for you to have a look at the unqualified items for the speed post. If you decide to send some parcel to the international then you have to be aware of customs taxes as well as banned time in that particular nation. Of course, you can also verify out with the India post.

The International bureau of worldwide postal union sets banned items, in addition to this is the cluster of 120 countries.

  • Live Animals
  • Currency /gold
  • Ignitable things
  • Treatment of items incorrectly admitted
  • Printed papers for sightless
  • the inclusion of correspondence

How to estimate speed post charges?

  • The speed post parcel cost based upon the what sort of things, weight as well as size along with Minimum & maximum speed post charges is only Rs 25 in local weight to the grams.
  • Hence, for internationals speed post charges estimations you have to go for the reliable website link price calculator page to get exact details.
  • Type the weight of delivery in grams and select location country.

India Post Customer Care Helpline Numbers

The speed post customer car number is available for Delhi, Bangalore, Kolkata, Hyderabad, Chennai, Pune and Ahmedabad.  For any quires regarding your courier parcel delivery, you can ask to your closed speed post customer care center. Commonly, the speed post customer is the center is situated close to the post office.  Here is the general customer care number of given below. If you are interested to know much more customer care helpline number then you have to visit the official website of the speed post tracking to get your nearest  customer care center.


  • The speed post toll-free number is 1800 119 888 (international & domestic)
  • For the international Mails the customer care number if 1800-11-2011
  • For the India Post Online Complaint Tracking, the immediate cash order helpline number is 011-23036054 and [email protected]

Speed post India customer care.


Track Speed Post & registered post-EMS here.

Click on Image Directly and enter consignment number
speed post tracking india gov in

Speed Post Charges, speed post calculator Domestic and International


Before calculating speed post charges also look at banned items for speed post / EMS registered post.
If you are sending the parcel to International aware about custom taxes and banned items in that country. you may check with India post too.
International bureau of universal postal union sets prohibited items, and this is the group of 120 countries.
  1. Live Animals
  2. bank notes / Currency /gold
  3. Inflammable things
  4. Treatment of items wrongly admitted
  5. printed papers for blind
  6. insertion of correspondence

How to calculate speed post charges?

  • Speed post parcel price depends upon the what kind of item, weight and SiZE and packaging.Minimum Speed post charge is Rs 25 in local weight to Grams.
  • For International Speed post charges calculation visit: price calculator page .
  • Enter weight of Shipment in grams and select destination country.
Ex: I want to send to iPhone 6s plus to the USA, It weighs around 100 grammes may be, Then calculated price will be
Total Rate in INR for Document
Postage 585.00
Service Tax 81.90
Total Rate 667.00
Total Rate in INR for Merchandise
Postage 585.00
Service Tax 81.90
Total Rate 667.00
SO if anyone from the USA send iPhone to you it may cost around 1000 rupees I guess. Apple iPhone cost there for 16GB $200  but in India 60,000. when 200 dollars converted to Indian rupee it costs only 200*60-70=12,000 -14,000 only.

FOR Domestic speed post calculation within India

here price based on Distance and weight.thre are 5 distance slabs Available
  1. Local
  2. Up to 200KM
  3. 201 -1000 KM
  4. 1001 to  2000KM
  5. 2001 Km and above
Note: there is additional charges(10 Rupees) for requesting to show Proof Of id by the receiver
For ex: 100 grams item cost in Local
Total Rate in INR
Postage 40.00
Proof of Delivery (POD) 10.00
Service Tax 7.00
Total Rate 57.00
Up to 200 KM
Total Rate in INR
Postage 35.00
Proof of Delivery (POD) 10.00
Service Tax 6.30
Total Rate 51.00
Total Rate in INR
Postage 40.00
Proof of Delivery (POD) 10.00
Service Tax 7.00
Total Rate 57.00
Total Rate in INR
Postage 60.00
Proof of Delivery (POD) 10.00
Service Tax 9.80
Total Rate 80.00
2001 & above
Total Rate in INR
Postage 70.00
Proof of Delivery (POD) 10.00
Service Tax 11.20
Total Rate 91.00
Given below are the revised Speed Post rates effective 1st October 2012
Upto 200 Km.
201 to 1000 Km.
1001 to 2000 Km.
Above 2000 Km.
Up to 50 grams
INR  15
INR  35
INR  35
INR  35
INR  35
51 grams to 200 grams
INR  25
INR  35
INR  40
INR  60
INR  70
201 grams to 500 grams
INR  30
INR  50
INR  60
INR  80
INR  90
Additional 500 grams or part thereof
INR  10
INR  15
INR  30
INR  40
INR  50

The above tariff will be exclusive of taxes. The taxes will have to be paid extra as notified by the Central Government from time to time.

track speed post here

Speed Post Domestic Calculator –

within India only between states and cities like Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata, Chennai, Hyderabad, Bangalore

Speed Post International Calculator –

Outside of India between countries like USA, UK, Canada

Speed Post Customer Care Number Hyderabad, Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Kolkata, Pune, Ahmedabad, Chennai

Speed Post Customer Care Number Hyderabad, Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Kolkata, Pune, Ahmedabad, Chennai.

Any Enquires related to your consignment delivery ask your nearest speed pos customer care center. generally speed post customer care located in the nearest post office.


City Telephone No Tel No -Manager   Email id
Delhi 1800 119888 98680 21828 [email protected]
Mumbai 022 2615 6125 022 2615 6093 [email protected]
Chennai 044 2829 2001 94446 30016 [email protected]
Kolkata 033 2212 0476 033 2212 1160 [email protected]
Bangalore 080 2286 7302 080 2289 2045 [email protected]
Hyderabad 040 2346 3922 040 2346 3929 [email protected]
Ahmedabad 1800 233 7999 079 2754 0419 [email protected]
Pune 020 2612 1570 020 2612 1528 [email protected]


Speed Post International information & Complaints

For complaints relating to Speed Post International, please get in touch with the Gateway centres at Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata and Chennai.

City Telephone No Tel No. – Manager Email id
Delhi 1800 119888 98680 21828 [email protected]
Mumbai 022 2615 6125 022 2615 6093 [email protected]
Chennai 044 2231 3282 94446 30016 [email protected]
Kolkata 033 2212 0476 033 2212 1160 [email protected]

India Post Head office Address

Speed Post
Department of Posts
Dak Bhawan
New Delhi – 110001

Domestic Speed Post information and Complaints

Should you face any problem relating to Speed Post delivery or Speed Post tracking, you can call your Speed Post Centre or send the email to the customer care numbers and emails provided below.

Speed post-complaint process;


  • 1st you have to register the complaint about speed post delivery online at
  • By including information like speed post tracking number and Address of the shipment origin and destination post office name. including the District name.
  • You can track your complaint status on
  • If you wee not got support from them then write below office Address.

Speed Post Delivery Time

Delivery of Speed Post articles & First class mail

Generally, speed post delivery in an if is in the same city. really I have experienced this I need to apply for a job of postal assistant in Andhra pradesh. I have to send my application through speed post to Abids from Amberpet post office.

The distance between those post offices 5-7 Kms only. But I have charged Minimum Speed post-Charge I.e Rs 25/- Rupees.

Also, i went to Abids office at the last date of receiving the application with negative thoughts. And waited in the queue from 6-8.30 finally handover application at 8.30 Pm. but they asked me to give the exact change I am left to search change in Abids Area.But not given anyone. I didn’t pay the money. and my application not sent by post office staff.

Here are the Speed post delivery times Approximately Applicable Only working days. If any holiday like festivals and weekends are excluded from this.

speed post working hours generally speed post working hours round the clock at main branches like Abids GPO general Post office. (main Branches)

Speed Post Delivery Time in days

  1. Speed Post Delivery Time in Local and between Metro Cities 2 days
  2. Speed Post Time in Rest of India 4-6 days
  3. Speed Post destination Time in International EMS articles (Exclusive of time taken in customs examination.) 4-10 days (speed post delivery time to USA)
EX: speed post delivery time from Delhi to Mumbai, speed post delivery time from Bangalore to Delhi, speed post delivery time from Chennai to Mumbai may be in 2 days
Speed post delivery faster than private services,
However, sometimes it is take 2 more days.  Recently postal department fined in goa due to delay in transit, delivered in 4 days instead of 2 days.
Some emergency courier services within states deliver in 24 hours.
Recently I got cheque book within 3 days from Delhi to Hyderabad, the distance between Bangalore very less compare to Delhi. I got my mobile Flipkart ordered from  Bangalore to Hyderabad within 24 hours.
When comparing to private couriers
In local Areas 98% of couriers delivered by speed post when it compared to private 93%.
In major cities 99% faster than private couriers 92%.
In Mondal level speed post will deliver within 7-9 days. But private couriers 7-23 days.
This Report generated by CAG, Controller of  Audit general India.
Test conducted by posting letters from 9 postal circles in India.
After users get pan card, driving license, passport through speed post.

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